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The founder of the company has lived 4 year’s in Tokyo, Japan and he believes there he has learned the best which has helped him to excel in his life,  Japan with its education, culture & Mannerism mesmerized him. During his stay in Japan he gained and achieved a lot of things which would had not been possible anywhere in the world he feels, so in order to return the favour and do something in return for the Japanese community in his own country he want’s to do something in return which could ease & help the Japanese expats & their families across India & the Indian Sub Continent.  Due to the current business scenario and business agreement between the 2 nation's the number of Japanese expats & Japanese company's are forecast to multiply in years to come and since India is already a tough place to live in , so in order to make their life a little happier during their stay he thought of making their most important staple food item to be available for them easily. So with this ideology in mind we at GOCHISŌ GOURMET FOOD’S thrive to make the best quality Japanese rice available for them at a reasonable price so they could feel home during their work & stay in India.


Jan- 2018

We are specialized in Importing, retailing & distribution of
premium quality
- Sushi rice (Japonica round short grain)
- Calrose rice (U.S & Australia)
- Thai Jasmine rice
- Gluten rice (Long & Short grain)

Premium quality sushi Rice, Available in 5kg pack.

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